Shoot Day - 06 - “The Last Day in Cambridge”

As incompetence goes, I would say I’m always harsh on myself in that I can call myself an idiot for doing minor stupid things, saying that, I didn’t break a 7 grand camera. 

Now I don’t really know how it was broken, only that in the morning I had to operate it being about 15% broken in that the playback functions and onboard mic are busted, the director & producer are sorting out the finances of it considering not many people know how it was broken. In the grand scheme of things it isn’t broken as much as to not be able to use it thankfully, but it’s still broken and someone’s gotta pay when we arrive back in Stoke.

Everyone’s worried, and everyone should be, but we just have to continue on and finish the film we set out to, or it’ll all be for nothing. At least I’m doing an alright job as cam op! And even better than I thought considering the fact I’m working with broken kit!

Another day, another problem, what a shoot…  

Burning The Rulebook - By Peter Crees: Shoot Day - 04 & 05 - "Acting the part in Cambridge"


So we’re in Cambridge for the next 3 days, after having our plans change slightly I understand the need for a good producer, so when it comes to my third year films I need not have to worry about DOP-ing or producing my own work, and focus solely on directing the film as one should, and I think I…

Burning The Rulebook - By Peter Crees: Shoot Day - 03 "The Last Train in Loughborough"


So today was a first for me as a film-maker and hopefully not a last, we as a crew experienced our first ever shoot onboard a large moving vehicle, in this case a steam train which our Director had booked for the day from Loughborough through our primary location at Rothley towards Leicester…

SHOOT DAY - 02 “Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom.”

Today because a member of crew had to leave I was placed onto sound, this gives me more experience in that area but it isn’t something I would want to pursue. I see myself more as a visual person as more of a D.O.P/ Camera area.

I did enjoy my time on sound as it allowed me to appreciate the work and difficulties that sound people face such as public, crew noises and external noises such as generators and fans. I realise now more that sound needs to be paid attention to on sets and also needs to be given more time on my owns sets. 

I did get to spend time as well looking at the monitor but not enough to really have an input. I do feel that I would have liked to have done more on camera, but due to the short amount of crew it just wasn’t possible. 

It was an experience to use the Jib. I haven’t been able to use it that much due to my own film not needing it so it was great to use the Jib on set rather than just simply in the shoot studio. I think I may look into the Jib more and the uses it can have on set.

I feel my time on set so far has really given me an insight into working on larger films and more about professional attitude on set. Working with other people who I haven’t worked with before was great as it gives me more of a chance to work with them and establish more people for me later on when I move forward with my film making career.

I hope that the film continues to be moving the way it has. We seem to be moving in a positive direction and I’m happy with the effort I have put in so far and hope I can continue to improve myself even further throughout my time on set.